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Mery Blue – Time To Soul

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Influenced by disco – soul – funk from an early age and the deepest, most soulful and elegant sounds of
current house music, Mery Blue combines all these styles in a very innovative way, where, through her
mixes, you will find her forming stimulating atmospheres, sensational vibrations, balanced transitions
and delicate touches that captivate. This musical proposal is characterised by its powerful instrumental
part, groovy basses and afro vocals giving rise to an elegant, classy and sensational electronic sound.
After many years in search of her essence, playing other electronic styles more focused on Trance,
Progressive or Hard House, she returned to the scene as a DJ of this international sound in 2021,
becoming one of the best known female artists in Madrid for her characteristic musical proposal.
Since then, she was quickly welcomed by various international collectives and radios to make
collaborations and make known her mixes on platforms, radios and different performances through
streaming channels, until jumping to different Madrid clubs of the moment such as Viso Social Club,
Club Ballesta, Marula Club or Tempo Audiophile Club. He has also participated in major events such as
Madrid Design Festival and is currently resident DJ at 80 Grados Montecarmelo. Today we know the
publicist Mery Blue as the promoter of different solo projects such as TIME TO SOUL Radio Show or MY
DISCO ROOM Stream Show and others like PETAO SESSIONS, where through her other A.K.A Two
Housers, as a Musical Duo together with the Chilean producer and DJ Matallas, she makes available to
different clubs DJ Sets with great guests of the current house scene.
The purpose of Mery Blue is to promote and show this musical selection, which practically does not exist
in Spain and which is quite powerful in countries such as the UK, France, Italy and Germany, to all
possible audiences, clubs and spaces in our country. Mery Blue is one of the few female artists you will
find in Madrid that will captivate you with this special kind of music selection. Her musical selection
ranges from Soulful House / Classic House (50%), or Deep House / UK Garage (30%) to Disco House /
Jackin House (20%).



Mery Blue has played in different venues and clubs of the moment, and has shared the booth with
different collectives of the Madrid house music scene, some of the most outstanding such as: 80 Grados
Restaurant, Montecarmelo (ES), 80 Grados Restaurant, Castellana (ES), Faraday Art & Djs x Madrid Design
Festival 2023 (ES), Kommune x Marula Club (ES), Faraday Art & Djs x Viso Social Club (ES), Petao Sessions x
Tempo Audiophile Club (ES), Promised Wax x Tempo Audiophile Club (FR), Mucho Fomo x Club Ballesta
(ES), Nakis Urban Food (ES), Rastro Live (ES), Villademonio Club (ES)
Mery Blue has also had her Radio Show TIME TO SOUL on different international radio stations, digital
platforms and has also been played on FM. Some remarkable ones such as: Radio Deep (CH), where
renowned artists like Joey Negro or Purple Disco Machine, among others, also share their radio show,
Move Ibiza Radio (ES), Estación Radio Ibiza (ES), Sputnik Launch x Intensa FM (ES), Orbitral Radio (ES), Too
Hot Radio (GB), Amalgam x The Lab Sessions (CA).
Finally, it is also important to highlight the work that Mery Blue has done through his weekly Stream
Show, MY DISCO ROOM, through which he became known to a large community and began to make DJ
Sets for other international channels, such as for: Dephts of the Underground (US), Soulful House Djs (GB),
House Nation Music (IT), A Saturday Night Experience (US), We Love House Wednesdays (GB), I’ll House
you (GB), House Heads (US), Syndicate Wednesday (US), House 2 House (US).

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