Guestmix – Ineshka & Suzanne – Escape

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From Parisian nights to the Windy City’s glow,
Two DJs unite, let the music flow.
In music’s embrace, our souls align,
In rhythm’s dance, our spirits shine.

Together we blend, in harmony’s embrace,
Crafting melodies, with love and grace.
Through highs and lows, our bond does grow,
In shared creation’s ebbs and flow.

United by art, hand in hand we stand,
In this symphony, crafted by hand.
So let the bass thump, and the treble soar,
In our mix, a journey, forevermore.

Ineshka and Suzanne, one stage, in the night’s embrace,
Our collaboration, a musical grace.
In Chicago’s heart, and Paris’ delight,
Our collaboration, a beacon bright.


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