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Flowede (Patricia Kroesemeijer)was born on April 29, 1980 in Leiden. It was in 1991 that she came into contact with electronic music. As a little girl she was already crazy about all kinds of music and sang along with everything. She first started recording sets at home and later running live streams at an mc’s home. From there she first started playing harder styles under the name Dysnomia and with her first track “Mess” reached second place in the Beatport top 100. She now plays completely and only in the house scene under the name Flowede. From House, Tech house to Techno nothing is too crazy for her. She started with hardcore and played at her own party “Nachtleven” in Leiden, at Hardcore radio, many live streams, smaller parties and a lot in discotheque Magistrat in The Hague. Now she only plays House, Tech house and Techno, where she can be heard for many radio stations such as Maxximixx in Tel Aviv, Novamerica Network Brazil and several radio stations in the Netherlands. She is also at the first edition of Dj Yves Summer Love Festival in Breda. She is also active as a producer and has many releases coming up. She hopes for many bookings at home and abroad and is working hard.

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