DJ Krazy-9 Rave Time

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DJ Krazy-9 was born and raised in the northern country of Estonia. After establishing a successful career as an architect and setting up her own architectural firm in her home country, Krazy spent a month of her summer vacation in Ibiza. This experience prompted her to embrace her second passion in life and dedicate herself to the art of music.

Following the acquisition of professional equipment and her graduation from Tallinn DJ School, Krazy embarked on a mission to conquer the music scene at local venues in Tallinn. She has already graced big stages like the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, as well as performed for more intimate audiences and open-air events throughout Estonia. She has also become a resident DJ in different radio stations around the world. Krazy’s favourite music genre is tech house, known for its dynamic and vibrant nature. This genre stands out for its frequent instrument changes and short musical phrases, demanding lively mixing and quick thinking from the DJ to keep listeners engaged and energised.

Krazy enjoys using several channels simultaneously, merging several musical compositions into completely new pieces. Her background as an architect has proven valuable in her burgeoning music career, echoing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s words: “Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music”. Like an architect, she constructs the logic behind her sets, creating moods that take her listeners on journeys through the universe!

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