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ArCee – Disco Today introduction.


My name is Rene Schilder, aka ArCee, and I come from the Netherlands.

I am a deejay since 1978 at the age of just 14 years old, starting to play the music for the audience, the old way. Playing mainly disco, funk, soul.

Later, I teached myself how to mix with record players.

Over the years I’ve been playing several kinds of dance music.

It started with disco. In 1988 the house virus took me by the throat, and after that, I played hiphouse, techno, mellow, clubhouse, and trance.

Since 2015 I returned to disco, but this time, the new styles of disco. Disco with a twist.

I started playing disco re-edits and remixes. From that point, my taste of funky music became wider. Now, I’m playing disco remixes and re-edits. But also Funky House, Nu-disco, Disco-House, Soulful House, and sometimes a little Deephouse.

At this moment I share my mixes through Mixcloud and they become more and more populair.

Because of that, my mixes are now being played by several radio stations in Spain, France, Romania & The Netherlands.


Every week I play my Disco Today sessions for a growing crowd. Sometimes a bit more funky, another week a bit more disco, and the week after, maybe a bit more mellow, but always funky, groovy and with a view at the past.


ArCee – Disco Today: Yesterdays disco, Today’s groove.

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